Geoplan is represented by a surveying engineer Andrzej Kwiatkowski. He is a graduate of Secondary Technical School of Construction and Surveying. He also graduated from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn with a surveying engineering degree. He has been performing in the field since 1997.
Currently the company employs over 70 employees and is doing it’s best to create good working conditions for them and invests in the intellectual development of the staff by applying modern technologies and providing specialists trainings. All our employees take part in the following trainings on the regular basis: A-CAD, A-CAD CIVIL 3D 2012 and C-ego (starting from the basics to the most advance levels).

Our team consists of:

- 29 Master of Arts surveying engineers
- 21 surveying engineers
- 12 surveying technicians who simultaneously study surveying at the university
- 6 surveying technicians
- 1 Master of Arts in computer graphics
- 2 IT specialists

                GEOPLAN Andrzej Kwiatkowski - siedziba firmy
     ul. Arkadiusza Musierowicza 4
     95-100 Zgierz 

    tel.: +48 42 715 69 85
    tel. kom.: 693 651 350
    e-mail: biuro@geoplan.eu


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