Nowadays new technologies appear almost every day. All sorts of equipment and systems, designed either for work or pleasure and entertainment, are being constantly improved and upgraded. Consequently, the efficiency of operations in various fields permanently increases. The change also applies to surveying, which has changed over the years beyond recognition. We do not have to use outdated equipment (e. g.: roulette and bevel) any more - those days are over.
In twenty-first century satellite and space technology was widely used to facilitate the practical side of surveying. These days, modern software, new and effective technologies, precise and advanced equipment is the basis of any significant surveying company.
We keep up with the times: our equipment and technologies are highly specialized, our staff is well trained, which enables us to perform on the highest, professional world class level.

                GEOPLAN Andrzej Kwiatkowski - siedziba firmy
     ul. Arkadiusza Musierowicza 4
     95-100 Zgierz 

    tel.: +48 42 715 69 85
    tel. kom.: 693 651 350
    e-mail: biuro@geoplan.eu


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